My ISA Online

Who are My ISA Online and what do they do?

My ISA Online work with a multitude of distribution channels and marketing companies to provide their clients with the opportunity to invest in some of the most attractive ISAs in the UK marketplace. As part of this process, My ISA Online is constantly reviewing the ISA marketplace and selecting ISA providers with whom it wishes to work. We are currently proud to be working with the Swan ISA.  They have partnered with many leading firms within the UK as their marketing documentation clearly shows and they have been delivering very solid financial results and returns to clients for years.

We are working with a raft of further ISA providers at the moment and we will be providing details of these on our website over the coming weeks and months. We are very careful only to work with ISA providers and ancillary companies which we feel provide clients with an ISA offering that offers a real return on their monies, security and a highly professional level of service.

Our role is to provide the clients of our distribution channels and marketing companies with information about these ISA products and providers we work with. We do not offer any advice as to the suitability of any specific ISA as this is an Execution Only process – where clients decide whether the ISA is suitable for them. We will provide the required documentation for you to be able to make an informed decision about each ISA and assist with ensuring these are filled in correctly so that the process is as simple as possible. Please see FAQs for further information. Should you wish to proceed with applying for a Swan ISA, you simply need to apply here and provide the very simple information requested. You will be contacted by us and we will then take care of everything for you and provide you with a personalised service throughout the process until your completed documentation is provided to the ISA Manager, Reyker, who thereafter will deal with your current ISA Provider(s) and liaise with you regularly about all matters in connection with your Swan ISA.

When referring to "The Swan ISA", we are referencing a regulated bond issued by Swan Real Estate PLC which is available within an ISA wrapper. Swan Real Estate PLC  is registered in Scotland, company number SC525416. Its registered office address is 19 Elmbank Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G2 4PB.

A copy of the Swan ISA Investment Memorandum can be obtained from Alfred Henry Corporate Finance Limited whose registered office address is Finsgate, 5-7 Cranwood Street, London, EC1V 9EE. A copy of the Swan ISA Investment Memorandum can also be found on this site.

Please be aware when investing that your capital is at risk and the value of your investment can go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invested.  If you are not sure about investing, seek independent advice.